Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tomorrow i'm leaving.

tomorrow i'm leaving she said.
but she didn't say where.
we know she will have 2 slices of stale bread for breakfast because she
has that every morning.
if she doesn't, she gets crunky and stumps around the house
and looks at everybody in that very particular way
that makes them feel guilty.
she will have tea.
but what will happen after she has her bread and tea?

will she linger?
will she put the red shoes on, or the ones she got at the end of scot's land?
will she pet kuba, the cat?
will someone see her walking out the door or will she just vanish into the fog silently.
she won't vanish into the fog, coz there's no fog, and she certainly won't manage to do it silently.
she is, after all, a fully grown elephant.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the day of things that remain best unmentioned

it is only because i'm sick that i have the time to finally open gabi's world blog. i am sick with malady that's best to leave discretely out of view.
nothing tragic. just.... unpleasant.  there are symptoms of : fever and therefore that very irksome pain right behind the eye-balls,  abdominal pain, and swooziness all around. and because i am suffering from all the above plus more i am going to go to bed now